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We are a trusted PCB manufacturer with our rich selection of products and comprehensive customization solutions.

How Hosond PCB Makes a Difference

Hosond PCB has a wide range of PCB products for different applications. We can also customize each PCB product, adjusting them to complete your assembly or manufacturing projects.

Reliable PCB

Our production floor utilizes a strict quality control system to ensure each of our PCB products surpasses your expectations in terms of durability.

Customization Services

We offer a comprehensive OEM/ODM service that lets you alter our PCB products to fit your needs or find a ready-made solution.

Fast Turnaround Time

We have production lines equipped with advanced machines and more than 260 qualified staff, allowing us to complete bulk orders with a short lead-time.

Factory Prices

Through our cutting-edge production and raw material screening, each of our PCB products is competitively priced to increase your ROI.

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