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Pioneering PCB Excellence Elevate Your Electronics. Pursuing excellence and leading the industry in the manufacture of superb printed circuit boards

8 Layers
Immersion gold / line width : 0.09mm / line space : 0.1mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.2mm

6 Layers
Half Hole/ Immersion gold/ line width : 0.13mm / line space : 0.12mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.25mm

6 Layers
Immersion gold / line width : 0.12mm / line space : 0.1mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.2mm
4 Layers
HASL Free / line width : 0.1mm / line space : 0.1mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.2mm
8 Layers
HASL Free / line width : 0.12mm / line space : 0.1mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.2mm

4 Layers
HASL Free / line width : 0.1mm / line space : 0.1mm / Min . drill hole diameter : 0.2mm

All-round Customization Options

  •   Color  
  •   Size and Shape  
  •   Surface Finishing  
  •   Testing  
  •   Packaging  

Customizable Color

We can set the color of our PCB products to enhance a specific electric aesthetic. Our extensive selection of color coatings lets you the right color for any project.

  Size and Shape  

Accurate Size and Shape

PCB products need to have the right dimension to fit any electronics or projects. We utilize precise CNC machines to achieve the right board size and shape through our cutting, drilling, polishing, and handcrafting methods.

  Surface Finishing  

Various Surface Finishing

We can incorporate various surface finishing onto our PCB products to meet your requirement. With our CNC machining skills and equipment, we can apply different surface finishing options to your PCB products.

Immersion Tin


Hosond PCB provides testing method including circuit testing, flying probe testing and AOI (Automated optical inspection)

In-circuit testing
Flying probe testing
Automated optical inspection

Packaging Process

Our PCB products can go through different packaging options to increase their durability and service life. Hosond PCB has the experience and equipment to enhance all of our PCB products to address any business requirements.

humidity indicator

Tailor-Made for Your Business Application

Different businesses require specific PCB for their project or product manufacturing needs. Hosond PCB’ customization solution is intended to help your company specifically.

3 Steps to Get Your PCB Solution

Our service knows few boundaries, not only eliminating unreasonable aspects of your product design but also providing you with laboratory product parameters as a quality reference. Intelligent production makes the delivery of the solution timely and advanced so that you can have no worries after the sale.

step 1

Demand Listening

Our free pre-custom consultation includes cost control, design of function and selection of raw materials.

step 2

Solution Delivery

We will make quick samples according to the actual needs, you can get the samples to check the quality or function.

step 3

Mass Production

3 modern production lines, not only achieve rapid production, but also improve product precision and reduce errors.

Experienced PCB Manufacturer Since 2001

Huizhou Hosond PCB Co., LTD. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture based in Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. With a total investment of 10 million usd, the company specializes in producing high-precision circuit board products for automotive electronics and other electronic enterprises. Equipped with advanced production equipment and quality control measures, the company has a monthly production capacity of 50,000 square meters. Committed to quality, Hosond follows IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015 standards, ensuring reliable and safe product quality. Certified by Intertek and UL, the company maintains strict adherence to international safety and quality management systems.

UL E256286



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